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Entertainment Centers

We design entertainment centers for your specific needs and components. We can work closely with you, your audio designers, or with your existing equipment for maximum function and beauty. Before we cut the first piece of wood, we prepare drawings to locate all the components and the media storage spaces, as well as address wire management and ensure adequate ventilation.
Entertainment Center Photo 1 Entertainment Center Photo 2 Entertainment Center Photo 3
This stained maple cabinetry has space for stereo equipment below the TV that is covered with infrared-transparent speaker fabric. The angled end cabinets have adjustable glass shelves with a high polished edge.
Contemporary custom cabinetry is crafted of stained maple, with black finished trim on the doors. The open top display area has recessed lighting; the "T" shaped speaker cloth below the screen conceals the center channel speaker and sub-woofer.
A striking corner design encloses a free-standing large screen TV with speakers on each side.  The display areas above have adjustable shelves in both glass and wood.

Entertainment Center Photo 4

Entertainment Center Photo 5

Entertainment Center Photo 6
An existing wall alcove is transformed into a dramatic display and TV space for the family room.  This custom cabinetry is painted and glazed to match the existing kitchen cabinetry and includes pull-outs for DVD and CD storage.
We have also retrofit a number of existing entertainment cabinets for flat screen TV's. Modifying or replacing sections of cabinetry can cost far less than replacing an entire built-in wall of cabinetry.
This stained maple family room cabinetry has an electric  built-in fireplace below the TV opening. The crown molding has an egg-and-dart molding insert;other details include fluted moldings and carved corbels.
Entertainment Center Photo 7 Entertainment Center Photo 8 Entertainment Center Photo 9
Stained maple cabinetry with TV, stereo, speakers and display areas also has large drawers behind the doors below for dresser-type storage.
A free-standing solid cherry armoire in a clear finish is designed to house a TV with storage for video media. The bottom section serves as a dresser, and the sides have concealed media storage.
This television and bookcase cabinetry for a family room has a painted and glazed finish for warmth and variety. Doors on base section conceal additional storage.

Entertainment Center Photo 10

Entertainment Center Photo 11

Entertainment Center Photo 12
Stained and glazed maple entertainment center is finished to match the existing kitchen cabinetry and accommodates a TV, stereo and speakers, and has remote-control lighting.
A faux finished entertainment enclosure features video media storage on the sides, as well as an open top section.
This painted entertainment cabinetry was designed to integrate with the room design and wallpaper, and accommodate a large screen TV as well as speakers behind the doors.
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