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Frequently asked questions


I would like some cabinetry, what's your usual procedure?

The first thing we do is find out what you're thinking of having done.  We then make an appointment with you to measure your home, office, or business and discuss the design options and finishes.  In the case of new construction or if you have blueprints, we may not need to visit the jobsite, but we'll meet with you to go over the possibilities.  When we understand exactly what you would like, we prepare an estimate for you.  Naturally, there is no charge for any of our estimates.  We will then call, fax, or email a proposal to you that includes all the details your project and an exact price quote.
Once our proposal is accepted, we prepare shop drawings for your approval, as well as samples of the finish color, hardware, and any other materials we're planning to use for your job.  We ask for a fifty-percent deposit, with subsequent draws and final payment as outlined in our proposal.  A delivery and installation date is scheduled, and production begins.  When we near completion of the shop, or preparation phase, we will touch base with you to confirm our delivery and installation time.  During installation, we are aware that we are guests in your home or business, and that our actions onsite reflect as much on us as our work does.  Besides being very conscientious, we observe all security protocols, are polite, and pride ourselves on our jobsite cleanliness.  The job doesn't end with installation; we stand behind our work and warranty.  This is one of the reasons that most of our work is from repeat customers, and referrals.
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I see lights in some of your cabinetry, do you do electrical work?

The lighting that you see in some of the photographs of our cabinetry is installed by us, but because we're licensed in cabinetry and carpentry, we either worked with a licensed electrician on the job, or we used special cabinet lighting that plugs into an existing outlet.  Some of this lighting, supplied by our cabinetry vendors, can be very elaborate and can include remote control dimmers, and switches designed especially for cabinetry.  The different types of cabinet lighting can include fluorescent, low voltage halogen, and of course incandescent lighting.
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Do you take credit cards?

Yes! As of January 2006 we now accept MasterCard and Visa. Visa and MasterCard Please let us know if you'd be interested in using any other credit cards - we'll add other cards if needed!
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What is the normal time frame for a job?

That really depends on the type of job, and how many jobs we have pending.  A typical job goes something like this:
It usually requires about three to seven days from the time a client calls us until we can come out to measure the job, and go over their options with them.  After that appointment, we need about two to five days to price the job.  Once we quote the job to our customer, it then depends on how long the customer needs to decide.  Typically this takes about a week, although some customers accept immediately, other customers have waited more than a year before accepting.
We can ballpark our timeframe when we quote the job, but because we usually have several proposals pending at one time, and we assign priority based upon when the job is accepted, we don't assign dates of installation until the job is under contract.
The next phase is our job preparation time, which can be extremely variable.  Even a large job that uses pre-manufactured cabinetry from one of our distributors, with minimal shop time from us, may only take two to four weeks before we're ready to begin installation.  This is also about the time required for a small mica laminated custom vanity.  The larger, or more custom jobs naturally require more time.  Additional time should also be factored in for coordination with other subcontractors.  Typically, most of our jobs require about six to eight weeks from the time of acceptance until we're ready to begin installation.
The installation phase, like the preparation phase, depends upon the size and complexity of the job.  A small job may only require a couple of hours to install, but we may need several weeks to complete a large job.  Most of our jobs require about three to five days for installation.  You can see that the total time frame a job requires depends on a lot of factors, but for a normal job figure about seven to nine weeks from your first call until completion. 
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Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed in both Collier and Lee Counties. We originally held a Collier Cabinetry and Millwork license, then when we applied for and received our Lee County Cabinetry license about ten years ago we took that opportunity to upgrade our Collier Cabinetry license from Cabinetry to Carpentry.
Unfortunately, this is a question that we are not asked very often.  More often, we're only asked if we have insurance.  This is understandable because most people realize that as a customer, their only protection is the insurance company of the firm they hire.  We wanted to include this question in our frequently asked questions because of a little known disclaimer in most, if not all, business insurance that disallows coverage for unlicensed operations.  If you're checking, ask for a license first, then insurance, because an insurance certificate alone is basically worthless.

As far as insurance, we carry above the minimum requirements, as well as additional coverage for things such as "completed operations" which protects our customers even after we leave the job.  A certificate of insurance can be ordered from Dawson of Florida, LLC (formerly Collier Insurance Services, Inc.), here in Naples, Florida.
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How much does it cost to have custom cabinetry made?

It seems that such a simple question would have a simple answer.  It doesn't.  Like most companies, when we price a job we figure the materials and the time that the job will require.  Unlike other companies that use various "rules of thumb," we evaluate each job individually.  We factor in things such as distance to the jobsite; whether the job is in a ground floor dwelling, or a condominium; or if it's new construction, or a remodel.  One of the things that does not affect our price is the affluence of the neighborhood in which we're bidding.  Our pricing is the same whether we're bidding a job in the least, or the most expensive sections of Southwest Florida.  Although some of our clients don't get another price other than ours, we recommend that all our clients get at least one other bid.  If the other price is seriously lower than ours, there's a reason.  It indicates that the other company is not supplying the same materials, or worse yet, planning to add extras that are not included in their quote.  At Buildersmith our policy is "no surprises" and we mean it.  Our proposals indicate what, and more importantly, what is not included.  Naturally, all our estimates are free of charge.
To get some idea of what custom cabinetry costs, our average contract range is from twelve to thirty thousand dollars, but we've done jobs that were less than five hundred dollars, as well as contracts for a single unit that totaled more than seventy thousand dollars.  We will also do jobs on a time and materials basis. Of course, our work "under contract" takes priority over the scheduling of any "time & materials" work.
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What kind of warranty do you supply?

Our warranty covers all labor and materials for one year, but we take pride in our work, and have been known to service our work free of charge more than half a decade after completion. There's a reason that for the past twenty-two years our customers have chosen Buildersmith, it's because we're the best.
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