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 Retrofitting and modifying existing cabinetry for flat screen TVs

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White washed maple and laminate cabinetry
 Detail of original cabinetry above, center section
The photo to the left shows the original cabinetry prior to modification.  We were able to keep the original base section and end cabinets, making a new upper section to accomodate the new TV configuration yet still keep storage and display space.

The storage cabinets at the top were sized to utilize the two doors that used to sit above the TV.
 We created a new crown design to better fit the lines of the new upper section (see photo above for the completed unit).  The DVD player and Bose radio and CD player were moved to the bottom section.

All of the new materials, as well as the finishing, were planned to match and blend with the existing unit.  The result is an updated entertainment cabinet without the cost of a new built-in.
Honey stained and glazed maple cabinetry

The photo to the lower right shows the original cabinetry prior to modification.  We were able to keep the original base cabinetry, but made new cabinetry that included the countertop and the crown molding.

The new center section is actually slightly wider than the original unit
(see photo above for the completed unit).  The TV and stereo components were moved to the bottom section behind doors, and the existing base cabinet doors modified to accept center speaker cloth panels. The new cabinetry above was designed to accomodate the new speakers as well as provide some additional storage behind doors.  The TV installation was finished off with a new wood frame that can be removed if needed.

Once again, all work was planned to match the existing unit. The new cabinetry and modifications to the old were completed at our shop, finished, and then delivered and installed in the customer's home.
The existing cabinetry before modification

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