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Photo #3, Kitchens

Overall kitchen dimensions:

     Cabinetry: Frameless white melamine casework
     Color: White painted door and drawer fronts
     Coating: Satin conversion varnish
Kitchen Photo #3 
This existing kitchen had frameless cabinets that were in good condition, although the owner wanted to make some modifications and add some additional storage, as well as update the look.  The 27" wide oven cabinet was replaced with a 30" cabinet, with cut-outs for the new oven and a warming drawer.  We also added drawers to the island cabinet instead of the existing adjustable shelves. We were able to match the door and drawer front styles and the paint color; new knobs and handles in a brushed chrome finish set off the new stainless steel appliances.  See some of the other cabinet modifications in the photos below.
Kitchen Photo #2 Kitchen Photo #3
New cabinetry was added to what was previously a bar countertop (shown above).  This provides additional storage with an open center cabinet for cookbooks.  The angled end cabinet provides a smooth transition for the walkway into the breakfast nook.
 The cabinet above the cooktop was modified to accept a Spacesaver microwave, and roll-outs were added to the base cabinets for ease of access.
Kitchen Photo #4
We modified the refrigerator opening to accept a larger size model, and brought the upper cabinet forward (see photo on left).  The refrigerator area now has a cleaner, built-in look. We also created a space for a new wine cooler, along with a matching end panel.

This kitchen was a good candidate for modification (instead of replacement) for several reasons:
  • The existing cabinetry was in excellent condition, with a classical style door and drawer front.
  • The frameless, or European, style cabinets can usually be removed or installed easily.
  • The finish could be matched.
  • The countertops were replaced.
  • The new door and drawer pulls were selected to fit the existing drilling pattern.
The kitchen went from an all-white look - white cabinets, white Corian countertop, white knobs, and white walls - to a warmer and friendlier space that met the aesthetic and function requirements of the owners.

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